Tony Tapir and Friends

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This is the First Book in the Series

This is a delightful story for 8 to 12 year olds about friendship, cooperation and the importance of peaceful relations in the small community of Evergreen Forest, where there are different species of animals, including lions, elephants, tapirs and horses all living together.

Short Blurb

Rex, leader of the lions and the head of Evergreen Forest’s Animal Kingdom, wants to re-build the run-down Spice Garden. To do so, he leads the lions into an agreement with the elephants. Threatened by this new grouping of two powerful communities, the tapirs decide to come up with a similar arrangement with the rhinoceroses and horses. Trouble strikes in Evergreen Forest when the orangutans are killed mysteriously. What happens next? Better read to find out.

Over and Over again

 Over and Over again children and adults have exclaimed and shared how much they have loved and enjoyed reading the start of this book series and of course it only gets better as the adventures continue with the next books in the series of 3 so far... 

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The Quest for the Great Pearl


This is the Second, Exciting Book in the Series for 8-12 year olds

The adventures of Tony Tapir and His Friends continue in this Second Book in the Series which is Longer and many say even more exciting than the first, what a sequel!

Short Blurb

"There is trouble brewing in the exotic, Evergreen Forest." Rex the Lion and Rajah the Elephant are very concerned about it.

To restore peace and order the animals have to find the mysterious Great Pearl. A motley gang of animals bravely step up for the task and go on a wild and exciting journey that takes them to places such as Chrystal Mountain and the Land of a Thousand Waters.

Will they find the Great Pearl and will peace be restored in the Evergreen Forest? Join the animals and find out yourself by CLICKING HERE to find where to buy this exciting book NOW!

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The Mystery of the Missing Tapirs

Where to buy THe Mystery of the Missing Tapirs

This is the third and most Recent Book in the Series for 8 to 12 year olds

 The adventures of Tony Tapir and His Friends continue in this Third Book in the Series which like the Second Book is also longer than the First Book in the Series and even more exciting again. Email and let me know what you think after you buy and read your copy.

Short Bio

Evergreen Forest is once again abuzz with activity. Someone has kidnapped the Young Tapirs and the Duke Duck. Who is the wicked mastermind behind these kidnappings? What is their motive?

Tony Tapir and his friends need to crack secret passwords and uncover the identity of the this Mysterious Purple Peril. In the meantime the kidnapped animals have to go through many perils... 

Find out if they will be rescued in time by Tony Tapir and his friends...